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Why is Terry Hawkins remembered for years, even decades, after one of her presentations?

Because she connects deeply and authentically on an emotional, intellectual, and spiritual level with her audiences. She is not “canned” nor “recited”. She is not vanilla, nor does she play it safe. She is insatiably driven to guide people and businesses to achieve the highest impact possible on those they influence.


The results speak for themselves.


Whether you're in search of a powerhouse keynote speaker for your next event, an education architect to overhaul your company's learning infrastructure, a personal online coaching program to help you refocus, or someone who can deliver the most exciting  & meaningful virtual experience you've ever had - Terry Hawkin is it! Her experience, industry knowledge and wisdom will ignite deep learning and inspire sustained growth, and you'd better believe it - she will do whatever it takes to help you reach exactly the goal you are hoping to achieve. 

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keynote speaker
in person

With 30 solid years as a prolific award-winning speaker, educator, author, and host, Terry has become renowned as the "People Whisperer". Often described as a gifted communicator, her uncanny ability to read people, and her deep skill set in leadership, sales, and personal growth, synthesize to allow her to tap into people's deepest corners & help unblock their unconscious limits. Whether it’s an intimate group of 50 or an auditorium of thousands, she commits totally to every person, every time, bringing about powerful and long-lasting change.  Her own story is not only moving, but deeply inspiring. 

Her highly inspirational and educational keynotes are supported by her stunningly insightful humor. Her audiences reel with laughter one moment, and sit in reflective silence the next, as she weaves her moving storytelling through simple, yet powerful, methodologies and processes. Decades later, people and companies still recall her powerful, positive impact, and how it influenced their lives & businesses dramatically.

Ron Tacchi  CPAE  (1937-2010)  - RTA Speakers Bureau, put it best:  

“After you have had the opportunity to experience Terry in front of an audience, you can better appreciate why her message is unforgettable and why her uniqueness is difficult to describe. She presents a beautiful package of humor, energy and intelligence that add up to a life changing experience.

She is an original and her style cannot be copied because what you get is all Terry-straight from the heart. She cares so very much for her audience and every individual in the room.”

online educator 
and DYNamic host

There is online training, and then there is highly engaging, inspiring, and results focused education that occurs online. In a post-pandemic world, the words "remote" and "online" have become the norm - and Terry Hawkins has worked with the changes in our world, instead of against them.

Terry pioneered empathy-centered sales and management education with a purely in-person facilitation model, and now she has transitioned her skill as an educational designer, and highly entertaining and informative host, to allow her to deliver her renowned systems and programs as part of an education library.

After taking part in one of Terry's Online Learning Programs, Melanie Tsoutsa said:
"I wanted to reach out to express how valuable I’ve found your online program... I have learned so much. It was so very informative with great tools and tips but still easy to follow, and being able to save the worksheets as you go is awesome… but what I loved the most was the way you presented. I actually laughed so much throughout it, you have amazing energy!

Usually online programs lack that excitement and engagement but your [program] was full of fun, it kept me engaged with the visuals and helped me take away a lot of learnings. In your words “I love it!” and I really do."

custodian & navigator

Outside of her award winning speaking career, Terry is best known for being one of the greatest influencers in empathic based retail education in the industry.


She has been a pioneer in developing retail sales and management education systems that bring about significant double digit results, and her programs and systems have been recognized as having created the core service culture of many organizations. In 1989 she founded People In Progress Global in Australia, and once again in 2022 she has begun a new “voyage” as the Custodian and Navigator of Ignite-Worldwide Education.


Terry's healthy obsession with achieving results, whilst igniting the human spirit, drove her to develop programs and education systems that have become revered for over 3 decades. Her clients are often astounded by the impact her empathy-based models have on sales, retention, culture, customer feedback, and the overall health of the organization. "Life changing" is consistently used by her over 100,000 alumni, and her Ignite-Worldwide team are excited to continue this journey in transforming the planet through retail.

keynote speaker

If you're in search of a speaker or trainer who can ignite change and passion in a virtual setting, Terry Hawkins is ready to help. She takes the cold distance of virtual learning, and flips it, to allow her clients to feel they share common space in their learning. She provides such an in depth, immersive experience, that you will swear she was in the room! 


There are few keynote speakers who can deliver a presentation that “rocks the stage” virtually. Terry Hawkins is one of those rare human beings. It is quite phenomenal to experience, and the resulting growth is even more remarkable. 


Previous attendees agree - Terry turns a Keynote into a transformational experience, no matter the format.


Of the effect of Terry's guidance, Leigh Griffiths,  Franchisee of Bright Eye Sunglasses said: 

"WOW, that was fantastic, the spark is back. We now have a new direction and focus and it does not only relate to $$$ in the till. We now have a clearly defined culture in our team. Not only will this improve the team as sales people, I can see it transforming their individual focus in life. It was great to be part of something so powerful and moving. I can’t stop communicating with people about the transformation that has impacted myself and my team in such a short space of time."

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education architect

A 30+ year history of researching, designing and delivering some of the most impactful retail education on the planet has placed Terry in a league of her own when it comes to being an architect of game changing enterprise education systems. She is highly sought after and she works with her clients to facilitate a collaborative approach, mapping out the overall education offer, whilst simultaneously providing the expertise in the areas of adult learning and engagement & the personal career and learning journey of an individual. 


No one comes close to her depth and experience in customer service / sales experiences, management and leadership expertise, and both in-field and office support roles. Her newly publicized Serve Forward /\ Lean Back® Leadership model forms the foundation for education systems that are grounded in a 'service to others’ modality.


She has worked with some of the most leading global brands in the industry, many of whom still utilize and implement her time proven processes decades later. 


Brent Tremain, International Sales Director at Lark Distilling Co. said: 

"I had the pleasure of working with Terry to energise and motivate a workforce that needed inspiration and upskilling during an MBO of a 26 door American retail chain I had invested in. Terry held a day-long conference for all store managers and executive team in which the transformation of our staff was immediately evident. Most importantly our stores enjoyed an average of 22+% increase in top line sales yr/yr during a time when we as a company were quite stagnant. Her proven methodology returns immediate ROI and working with Terry Hawkins... would be the single most important investment any B&M retail company should make."

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