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event assets

We know how much work goes into planning event - and how much effort is put into collecting and creating every detail! So, to help make your job a little easier when you work with us, we've collected everything you need in one place! How handy is that?!

intro cover.png

Not sure what to say when introducing Terry as your MC, Keynote, Speaker, or Special Guest? We've got you covered! Download our introduction, tweak it as needed, and you're all set!

articles cover.png

Check here to find articles and more about Terry Hawkins, her company IGNITE-Worldwide, and more! This is a great place to look for a blurb or a quote, or to learn more about Terry's experience and process. 

pres cover.png

We've tried to supply all you will need from us - now here is what Terry will need from you, in order to make her part of your event run as smoothly as possible! 

press kit cover.png

Once you've booked Terry for an event, workshop, conference, or training, it's the perfect time to request our Press Kit. This will have all you need to help advertise and promote your event. It's Terry in a downloadable file!

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