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Entrepreneur, Award Winning Author, Education Architect, and Transformative Speaker

Terry Hawkins has  built an international reputation as a transformative and insightful speaker & facilitator - often quoted as being able to significantly shift an entire audience to action, from the CEO across to the frontline. She was inducted into the Hall of Fame as “Educator of the Year” for the National Speakers Association in Australia in 2010, and has also received numerous awards as an author, creating both a life-altering adult book, and a children’s series. 


Her presence and passion light up a room! Her intense commitment for igniting the learner within spans 3 decades, and she has directly influenced hundreds of thousands of people. Indirectly - millions.

The noise of the crowd can so often sound out what is real. When we react to the sensational, we miss the powerful whisper of truth that could change the trajectory of this planet. Our fear keeps us small. It keeps us ignorant. It keeps us apart. 

Terry Hawkins

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