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meet terry hawkins

Educator  .  Speaker  .  Author  .  Education Architect  .  Entrepreneur  

Ask Terry what her specialty is and she will tell you simply – PEOPLE. Terry knows how to give her audience a great time, while they learn strategies that can change the way they look and feel about life and business forever! She is a masterful educator in attitudinal and mindset change, cutting edge sales techniques, leadership development, temperament theories and relationship connectors, and communication strategies to name but a few. 


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it's an experience

With 30 solid years as a prolific speaker, educator, author and host, Terry has become renowned as the "People Whisperer". Her uncanny ability to read people, and her broad skill set, allow her to tap into people's deepest corners to help unlock their blocks to creating a powerful life. She commits totally to every person, and every audience, bringing about positive and long-lasting change. Her highly inspirational and educational keynotes are supported by her stunningly insightful humor. Her audiences reel with laughter one moment, and sit in reflective silence the next as she weaves her moving storytelling through simple, yet powerful methodologies and processes. Decades later, people and companies still recall her powerful, positive impact, and how it influenced their lives & businesses dramatically.

Click through below to experience the kind of power Terry brings to each event she is a part of!

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After over 30 years of first hand research, with over 100,000 alumni through her programs, Terry has unveiled a startling reality that many companies may not be prepared for. In The PERFECT Storm, Terry will share 18 key markers that will reveal an entire future generation at risk with the battle between technology and human awareness . 



Want your teams connecting like never before? Retail is beginning a new era. The in-store revolution has begun with customers seeking expert advice from compassionate advisors, especially post pandemic. Terry will show how to inspire your front-line employees to embrace brand, education, and performance like never before.


your NOTE

Using a single musical note, Terry will bring your audience to a level of connection & team cohesiveness rarely encountered in conference "keynotes". In this highly moving, engaging, and interactive experience, Terry uses the "note" as a metaphor for total team alignment, leadership, and the power of a unified, connected workforce.



Emotional & mental well-being, and accountability are not mutually exclusive. In this powerful, life-changing keynote, Terry will deliver profound wisdom, systems and processes that will help people to FLIP the PIT of MISERY ... forever! Meet the 2 adorable characters that lead to success in all forms, and that live inside of all of us, waiting to be found.

1000's of presentations



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"Your first impression when you meet Terry on stage is, WOW! She's lovely". Then you say, "Wow! She's hilarious!" Then later on, "Wow, she's talking to my profoundly bruised little heart," and by the end no more wows, just a serenity that this beautiful, funny, profound person has changed your life."

Cindy Ehnes - CEO

California Children's Hospital


"We were blown away by Terry. One minute we were rolling in the aisles with laughter - the next we were touched by the sheer life experiences and perception used to convey the message. And what a message! A room full of nodding heads- hundreds of "ah ha" moments. The feedback was all the same, 'bring Terry back next year'."

Robyn Keegan - CR Manager


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"Terry’s life’s work has been to see our customers and employees as complete humans, and to educate us on how to truly connect with the whole person; it seems like the world has just caught up! As long as I have known her she has always been well ahead of the crowd.

There could not be a more relevant time for Terry’s work."

Christie Lockyer - Head of HR

Asia Pacific Boardriders

I am the global head of HR for the world’s largest vacation ownership company, based in the USA. I had the privilege of first meeting Terry Hawkins in Australia in 2014. I was on a business trip to our Asia Pacific operation, where Terry was engaged as a keynote speaker for a town hall. To say I was mesmerized by her presentation is an understatement. Terry had the entire audience, including myself and my fellow executives, laughing, crying, hugging and cheering. Her message was so inspiring that I stayed connected with Terry and engaged her for several town halls in our US business over the past few years. Her ability to cross borders and cultures and deliver the same impactful experience to her audiences is outstanding. Terry uses powerful personal storytelling combined with professional experience and expertise to drive home the importance of owning your attitude. I received so many emails and phone calls from all levels of employees and leaders about what a life changing experience it was for them. 

If you are looking for someone who is different and dynamic, I would not hesitate to recommend Terry as an engaging and entertaining keynote or facilitator. You, too, should not wait to be great!

Sarah King - International Business Leader and Strategic Partner

Former EVP of HR at Wyndham Vacation Ownership

Book Cover Why Wait.tiff

Why Wait to 
Be Great?

Click here to read Terry's highly acclaimed book, Why Wait to Be Great? It's Either Now or Too Late!

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