Throughout her 30 year history of presenting and educating the business, corporate and professional world, Terry has inspired tens of thousands of people.

Why WAIT to be GREAT? August 18 2012 event

Are you tired of the lightweight, hyped up “motivational” programs that just build you up and leave you with nowhere to go? Are you looking for some serious learning, laced with side-splitting laughter? Are you tired of the same old, same old? Well look no more!  With her 30 years as a gifted educator and presenter, Terry Hawkins has been blazing a trail ever since her recent arrival into the USA.


Terry Hawkins is someone who can help people shift to action, shake their tree and get them to move from where they are to where they want to be to create the RESULTS they seek in their life - BUT- she does it with loads of humor, fun and safety!


This will be a day that will fly so fast and give you so much, that it’s challenging to do it justice by a few words on a page. We’ll do our best - so this is a small sampling of what you will get from this amazing 5-segment day!

The DAY!



Segment 1.        Why WAIT to be GREAT right NOW?


  Your life is waiting and it's time for you to be amazing…


In the first part of this exciting, life changing day we will look at what stops us from achieving what we want and why we WAIT to be GREAT! Terry will explain in her hilarious and side-splitting way: 


Why passion, motivation and desire are not enough to get what you want!

  • How to identify personal blocks to performance and peace.
  • How to take ownership of personal results and set new benchmarks.
  • Past behaviors that no longer serve you.
  • Avoidance issues and how to recognize denial


Segment 2.        Why WAIT to be GREAT at COMMUNICATING?


Creating communication connections that last.


In this highly interactive segment, Terry will inspire you to achieve greater communication and understanding with others. By providing fun, experiential exercises and powerful anecdotes, Terry will show us how to produce greater harmony and increased connection using simple strategies that will help build closer and more meaningful relationships at work, at home or wherever you want more respectful connections. Laugh yourself into learning what it takes to make a relationship flourish!


Key Take-Outs

  • Understand the fundamentals of effective communication
  • Discover the 3 keys that prevent collaborative connections
  • Turn negative situations into positive, relationship building experiences
  • Discover the one word that will melt away conflict


Segment 3.        Why WAIT to be GREAT at READING PEOPLE?

 The 4 temperament styles with a hilarious twist!


Now that we understand why we block our own success and how to create positive, nurturing communication connections with others, let us have a look at why we are so different.  Have you ever noticed that there are some people with whom you instantly click?  It feels like you have been friends for years, you have a similar pace and energy, you’re motivated by similar things . . .you just seem to have the same understanding on many areas.  And then there are those people who are just so unlike you.  Sometimes the difference is so great that you can even feel annoyed and irritated simply by being around them!

There have been many interpretations of the “styles” but none quite like Terry’s unique and entertaining way of communicating this fascinating and yet fundamental topic.  She unlocks the mystery of why we are so different and HOW to get along! You will walk away from this hilarious and relationship-changing presentation inspired and motivated to see and treat others in a far more effective manner.  This is one powerful session that will change the way you look at, and interact with people forever!

We will have loads of fun completing a simple “My Style” Indicator™ which you will be able to share with your family, friends and team mates for greater understanding and closer connections.

Segment 4. Why WAIT to be GREAT at RELATIONSHIPS?


Discovering your LOVE Language!

Building on the solid foundation we have created thus far, we can now step into what makes our relationships soar! And what better way than with the wisdom of Dr. Gary Chapman! We all have a way of giving and receiving – of feeling appreciated and understood, but what happens when we don’t understand each other’s LOVE LANGUAGE? Using the amazing insights of Dr. Chapman, the brilliantly talented counselor and author of The 5 Love Languages® we will discuss what makes us tick and how to identify the language of those we love and connect with, on a daily basis.


Segment 5.        Why WAIT to be GREAT at YOU?

It’s either NOW or TOO LATE! Let's get this party started!

BIG results require BIG action and BIG action requires BIG change. Shifting from our current state or mindset, to one that propels us to new heights can be both challenging and fearful. In this inspiring and uplifting finale, Terry introduces us to our own internal super hero and gives the most simple, yet powerful strategies for embracing the change we want to create in our life!


Key Take-Outs

  • Understand your BRAIN and WHY you get the results you get.
  • Create emotional, physical and mental states at will.
  • Take ownership of personal results and set new benchmarks.
  • Build results producing strategies for personal and life success.
  • Meet STICKMAN and discover the process and mantra for creating the life of your dreams.
  • Combat the fear of change and turn adversity into action!

Rather than give a lightweight, feel good session you will be amazed at how the powerful, long lasting strategies will be delivered in a simplistic and captivating manner. Terry will give you clear, simplistic answers and will provide you with a closing presentation that will alter the way you think, feel and DO, forever!


Please join us for this inaugural event – it won’t be the same without you J





WHEN:                      Saturday, August 18, 2012


WHERE:                    Salt Lake Community College

                                 Miller Campus Conference Center

                                 9750 South 300 West

                                 Sandy, Utah


TIME:                         9.00am – 5.00pm (Registration 8.30am – 9.00am)


INVESTMENT:            $199 per person


Early Bird Offer - register before August 4th and pay only $149 per person


BRING YOUR TEAM – Buy 9 seats and receive 1 free!


Click Here to book and pay now!


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“What an amazing impact you had on our delegates at our global conference. This is the first time ever that a speaker has received a standing ovation at one of our conferences. Your vitality, energy and raw passion was overwhelming. Thank you for making it such a successful event.”

Chris Beer
CEO, Luxottica

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