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Why many people fail to reach their goals

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TERRY HAWKINS (Performance Expert)


Why many people fail to reach their goals is …
due to the fact that most of us want success to be easy.  Most of us confuse dreams as goals. I remembering reading on a chip packet (inspiration pops up everywhere, doesn't it!)  "GOALS ARE DREAMS WITH A DATE ON THEM".  How accurate is that!  When we set a goal we obviously have a desire to achieve that goal but desire is not enough.  People say you need to feel motivated to achieve your goals but I don't agree with that.  I run 3 km most days and I can tell you now I DO NOT feel motivated when that alarm goes off especially when the wind is whistling around the window and my little nose (that is now an icicle from the drop in temperature over night) is about to snap off.  So what gets me out of bed?
Let's take another example, we want a 25% increase in our sales results and we ARE MOTIVATED to achieve that - we make a list of prospects, we start calling and one after another we get knock back after knock back.  Rejection takes its toll and soon enough the motivation wanes and we start making excuses as to why we are too busy to "make the call".  BUT, some people keep calling and eventually do make the sale even though they don't feel motivated.  So what keeps them going?

Well, STICKMAN really has the answer... but for now just remember, don't ask yourself how you feel, JUST DO IT!

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