"Terry shifts people to action through humor, profound knowledge & endless energy. That’s why we love Terry!" Sally MacDonald CEO Oroton Group / Ralph Lauren

Australia's Most Booked Female Speaker is now in the USA

There are not many speakers on the planet who can deliver a powerful message, be highly entertaining, move people emotionally regardless of their position and leave them standing on their feet - Terry Hawkins CSP* is one such person. She is an exceptional speaker and her integrity, intelligence and commitment to her own truth ensures she delivers time and time again.

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Speaker Articles

Terry Hawkins receives RADICAL Entrepreneur Award 2012

At Doreen Rainey's Get RADICAL Women's Conference, Terry Hawkins, C.S.P and Founder of People in Progress Global, receives the RADICAL Entrepreneur Award. http://www.GetRadicalConference.com
Click below to view Terry's receiving of this RADICAL award!

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Justin Tamsett of Active Management interviews Terry

Terry was invited to speak to the REX Roundtable (130 leading CEO's of the Fitness Industry worldwide) in Los Angeles - March 13th, 2012. Justin interviews Terry prior to the event!

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Tips from a Professional

Turn to page 15 of "How to Present" Magazine to learn some tips from Terry. As a Certified Speaking Professional, a designation held by less than 7% of speakers worldwide, Terry shares her top 10 presentation tips! Turn the page and read the Parents Corner - another thought provoking article by Terry.

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Terry presents ME Inc!

Hilton Hotel Sydney: Nov 2009: Terry Hawkins (CSP) launches her one day event ME inc! to a sold out crowd of 500. A day filled with learning, inspiration, education and strategies to live a life that creates ME Inc. for each of us. Working from the inside out, ME Inc. covered personal responsibility, STICKMAN & PITMAN, finance, health, self esteem, family & relationships and how to be the best ME!

"This very special day was the outcome of my own personal and challenging experience. After many years living a "successful" life I still didn't feel that I was enough and after answering a few very powerful and contemplative questions, I went on another journey inward to find ME Inc!" Terry Hawkins Aug 4th 2011

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Terry presents ME Inc!

LOVE, TIME & MONEY – REGISTER NOW to join Terry Hawkins again for a day all about YOU! For those of you who have shared ME INC! days previously, you know how exciting, content rich and life changing it will be! For $197 it’s an investment in the most important person of all … YOU!

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As a newbie to the American speaking circuit I feel so excited about bringing my expertise and previous success to the platforms of the USA. Being the most booked female speaker in Australia for many years has served me well for my entry into the US speaking market. I just LOVE the audiences here and feel completely at home (even with my Aussie accent!).

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How it All Began

I am often asked how I got on to the speaking circuit? I have been on the speaking circuit for approx 10 years now and this was a natural progression from my training life. For nearly 30 years I have been standing in front of audiences yet I was never your standard “teacher/facilitator” type. It was always my belief that my job was to offer highly entertaining, captivating presentations so that the learning became easy and the desire to keep coming back was always prevalent. When people couldn’t fathom how I could keep people enthralled for three days, I would explain that it was like being at a live show with participation! Once they experienced it, they got it!

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Expat Women: Success Story interview with Terry Hawkins

Expat Women inspiring Women's success abroad

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