Who is Flipman?

Have you ever wondered why some days you feel like a superhero and nothing can get in your way, yet other days it seems nothing can go right? Find out why …

Are you a PITMAN or a FLIPMAN?


Let's meet FLIPMAN and PITMAN. FLIPMAN and his alter ego PITMAN are the ingenious creation of TERRY HAWKINS

Having worked with thousands and thousands of people over the years, it has always my endeavor to find the easiest way possible to explain something. Instead of confusing people with hi tech mumbo jumbo, I wanted to take the complicated behavioral & cognitive sciences and translate them into fun, everyday language. FLIPMAN & PITMAN were simply an evolution over many, many years of presenting, during which time their persona's grew as I grew. Their simplicity belies the complexities of concepts such as the neuro-sciences, cognitive behavior therapies and Neuro Linguistics. These two fun characters make it possible for everybody to GET IT, USE IT and REMEMBER IT!

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I am often asked, "How did you come up with these two lovable characters?"

FLIPMAN and PITMAN evolved over a 15-year period during my years as a business/people skills trainer.  Originally (and for many years) I used the name Stickman, quite simply because I would draw a stick figure to explain the process to my audiences. One day I was feeling quite frustrated in my attempt to quickly introduce the concept to a new colleague verbally. He just wasn't getting it until I blurted out, "You just flip it. When you're being a Pitman you flip your negative thinking, feeling and behavior to the opposite." As soon as I saw the instant understanding on his face, I knew the name Flipman was so much more appropriate.

Then, many years ago during a presentation I was talking about the Pit of Misery and Pit parties, Pit Posture, Pit Police, Pit Prattle … when someone in the audience called out, "sounds like a PITMAN to me" and presto! There it was … PITMAN!

So then FLIPMAN sounded perfect as a name as well! It was almost as if their names found us rather than us creating them, which I love.

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I found that people continually achieved such great success using the FLIPMAN strategies that I had countless requests to write books on the subject, for both for children and adults. Apart from being a contributor to many books, I have now personally authored Why WAIT to be GREAT? It's either NOW or TOO LATE! and the STICKMAN RULES series for children and I am thrilled that people of all ages have turned their lives around or taken themselves to a new level, using these simple but powerful strategies found in these books.  We are in the process of changing over the children's series to FLIPMAN Rules! but for now they are shown below using his prior name. 




Let's DO Ability Book Cover Image


 “Thank you for the tools (Stickman Rules Series) to help empower our children to make their own choices and also learn about responsibility (in a positive and nuturing way). I know if you ever do a parents talk it would be a great success.”  S. Hancock



Let's DO Love Book Cover Image

 "The Stickman Rules books make it very easy to understand and easy for the kids to use in their everyday life.
I have noticed them using the principles and when they forget it is an easy way to remind them without embarrassing them."? T. Scalco


 Let's DO Happy Book Cover Image

 " Terry, I have read a lot of psychology text books and other “self-help” books, but after reading your book I believe it to be one of the best, possibly the best book I have read on overcoming depression, lethargy, feeling down, negative self-talk etc.   It is concise, with no unnecessary jargon, and easy to comprehend.  I think every high school student should be given a copy when they leave school – skills for life."  Vivien Wornell, Social Worker/Counselor, Veteran Liaison Officer, St. George Private Hospital


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