Whether it's a 45min CD of "Talking with Terry" delivered to your door or one of Terry's coaching programs or books, never miss a moment to grow with her audios.

featured L.E.A.D your way to a successful LIFE!
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Take your leadership skills to a new level with this information packed downloadable audio series by Terry Hawkins. In this dynamic program, Terry demystifies leadership and will explain 8 core essentials that successful leaders do on a regular basis. Filled with practical advice and direction, Terry enthusiastically unravels the secrets to leadership.

....the ultimate series for every person who ever wanted to embrace leadership.

USD $399 inc taxes
featured S.E.L.L Your way into a successful LIFE!
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Your results say more about what you know and do than how capable you are! In this highly informative, captivating and results focused series, Terry Hawkins will give you the answers to help skyrocket your sales.

50+ tools and techniques to help skyrocket your sales!

USD $399 inc taxes
featured Create Your Life
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This downloadable audio series covers the 8 key areas to creating a successful and abundant life. In this 'intimate' conversation with Terry, be transformed as she takes you on a journey of discovery. This powerful series will help you turn the mundane into magic and the boring into brilliant, and give you the solutions you need to create a fulfilling life.

USD $299 inc taxes
featured The Entire Coaching Pack
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Includes 4 of Terry’s most in demand CD and DVD packs;
1. L.E.A.D Your way to a successful LIFE!
3. S.E.L.L Your way into a successful LIFE!

USD $1796 -Special Price USD $699 inc taxes
featured Talking with Terry – Subscriptions
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If you are looking for support, encouragement, inspiring feedback and a gutsy perspective, join the Talking with Terry community today to continue creating the life you desire!

One of the secrets to achieving your goals and living an abundant life is learning from experiences of others....

USD $9.95 bi-monthly inc taxes
featured Personal Coaching Pack
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Includes the following CD & DVD packs;


USD $998 - Special Price USD $499 inc taxes
featured Business Coaching Pack
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Includes the following 3 Audio packs;

1. SELL Your way into a successful LIFE!
2. L.E.A.D your way to a successful LIFE!
3. Building an Outstanding Enterprise

USD $993 - Special Price USD $499 inc taxes
featured Building an Outstanding Enterprise
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Insights from some of Australia's and the World's brightest business and entrepreneurial minds.


USD $195 inc taxes
featured Get out of the PIT LIVE AUDIO
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Are you stuck? Are you tired of accepting average results? Are you fed up with living in a PIT of MISERY®? Are you ready to move forward in a powerful and passionate way?

LISTEN to Terry Hawkins’ signature presentation "Get Out of the PIT" LIVE
2 x 1HR CD’s

USD $199 - Special Price USD $99 inc taxes
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“....allow me to thank you for assuming the role of “Mistress of Ceremonies” and conducting two keynote addresses. Once again you succeeded in captivating the audience with your energetic enthusiasm and emphatic content. You added personality and poise to what was sometimes bland, technical introductions and your humour was always welcome”

Peter Daly
Managing Director/Group CEO, Australian Financial Services

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