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Terry Hawkins receives RADICAL Entrepreneur Award 2012

At Doreen Rainey's Get RADICAL Women's Conference, Terry Hawkins, C.S.P and Founder of People in Progress Global, receives the RADICAL Entrepreneur Award. Click below to view Terry'...

Terry appears on the Big Biz Show in California

As the recent recipient of the 2012 Radical Woman Entrepreneur Award, Terry appeared on the Big Biz Show with Troy Hazard. Terry discusses her 2012 Radical Woman Entrepreneur Award and the journey she made from Austra...


In this 45 minute audio Terry discusses the core areas that have influenced her parenting style and offers some great suggestions and tips on this amazing role called PARENTING!

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Welcome to Terry Hawkins official website

Welcome to the new website for Terry Hawkins. This website is a resource to support you with all the "hats" you wear in daily life.   Being a Mother, Author, Enterprise Trainer, Business owner and Philanthropist, Terry understands the complexities of our multi faceted lifestyles. At with your help we aim to build a community that offers all of us daily support through knowledge, humor and insights.

Terry Hawkins CSP is an exceptional award winning, inspiring speaker and educator.  With 30 years experience reaching people from all over the world, Terry can masterfully deliver a wide range of topics as a high energy, humorous, female motivational speaker (from attitude change, effective sales techniques to leadership training and much more).  As a powerful business speaker she gets results and as the most booked female professional speaker Australia has seen, she now shares her talents across the USA.


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